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Chairs, Programme Committee

Conference Chair
(General Enquiries, Student
Robert Stahlbock, University of Hamburg, Germany
Programme, Exhibits, Corporate Sponsors Robert Stahlbock, University of Hamburg, Germany
Gary M. Weiss, Fordham University, NY, USA
Tutorials, Special Sessions, Workshops, Invited Talks Robert Stahlbock, University of Hamburg, Germany
Gary M. Weiss, Fordham University, NY, USA


Programme Committee 2017


(in alphabetical order)

Mahmoud Abou-Nasr
Paulo Cortez
Qin Ding
Diego Galar
Peter Geczy
Zahid Halim
Tzung-Pei Hong
Wei-Chiang Hong
Ulf Johansson
Madjid Khalilian
Terje Kristensen
Gerald Schaefer
Victor Sheng
Robert Stahlbock
Chamont Wang
Simon Wang
Gary M. Weiss
Zijiang Yang
Wen Zhang
Songfeng Zhen

Publicity Co-Chairs,
  • Sven F. Crone, Lancaster University, UK
  • :  Analytics, Data Mining, & Data Science Resources
  • Ashu M.G. Solo, Fellow of British Computer Society, Principal/R&D Engineer, Maverick Technologies America Inc., USA
Event Organisation Robert Stahlbock, Gary M. Weiss

Extended Programme Committee

The extended Programme Committee includes members of chapters of World Academy of Science (chapters: supercomputing; scientific computing; artificial intelligence; imaging science; databases; simulation; software engineering; embedded systems; internet and web technologies; communications; computer security; and bioinformatics.)

Organizers and Sponsors

The complete list of co-sponsors will be available at a later time. (Previous conferences' sponsors included: CSREA, the National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment - DOE, The International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, The International Technology Institute (ITI), The Java High Performance Computing research group, Sundance Digital Signal Processing Inc., the Computer Vision Research and Applications Tech., Convex, HP, a number of publishers of books and journals, chapters of computer associations from various countries, ...)

DMIN'17 is sponsored by:

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Robert Stahlbock
General Conference Chair

E-mail: conference-chair

Robert Stahlbock. Sven F Crone, Gary M. Weiss

Programme Co-Chairs

E-mail: programme-chair


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